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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

East Coast: New England Sharks: Great White Shark

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Great White Shark

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So most people when they hear Great White Shark think, man-eater, "Jaws", and we're going to die. Well really these Great White Sharks are just large predators like bears but in the water. They shouldn't be feared because like other sharks they are very curious.

Great Whites can grow up to 20 feet with most females being up to 18 while males being 13 feet because the females are bigger because they're the ones carrying the pups for A YEAR! Yes like other sharks, Great Whites have a long gestation and only give birth to up to 10 pups. This is why when shark populations go down, it's hard for them to bounce back. When Great Whites give birth they give birth to live pups that don't have an umbilical cord like us (which I learned while reading some sharks books which I thought was wicked cool!). Then to feed those pups and themselves, they will eat seals mostly and even dead whales.

Now how come Great Whites are hunted and fished? Is it because of shark finning? NO! IT'S BECAUSE OF HUMANS! Back in the 1970's when "Jaws" came out, fisherman starting hunting them for sport because everyone wants to get a nice trophy of a 20 foot fish. People also hunted them out of fear which I why I want to study them and educate the public about the truths of these animals. So that's why their shark populations where going down, but now they are starting to rise.

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Great Whites are very mobile creatures which is why it's hard to see them a lot and to hunt them for their fins. The only big places they really occupy is Seal Island in South Africa which is where they jump out of the water and in California by a Seal Island there and then Maratha's Vineyard in Mass off of Cape Cod. So that's my bit about Great Sharks!

If you ever want to learn more about Great Whites, there a bunch of great books about them which some of them are the true reasons why I want to study them because the books are awesome! Shark Week is good too, but read the books written by the great Marine Biologists that got to get up close to them!

Remember, THEY ARE NOT OUT TO GET YOU! All that want are those seals which they easily mistake you for because they have poor vision!

Next Time: A fun tip about what you can do to avoid getting mistaken by sharks! Then, ICELAND!

Website used to look up size of sexes:

Do some research on these ones! And if you want to know the books that I read for these sharks just comment and we can discuss! 


  1. JAWS was female!

    Anyways, you mention that the movies "JAWS" had an impact on how sharks, great whites in particular, were viewed. Do you think that the media is doing sharks more justice recently, such as with "Shark Week," or even this blog?

    If not, how could that be changed?

    1. I think the media is giving sharks some justice. Shark Week has made them more popular, but some of the shows might make people scared of them. I think this blog gives them justice and Shark Week can as well. I think it could be changed a little by giving viewers more educational shows about sharks so you actually get to see what their like. I think people should make more shows about them or something.